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Client process


Steps to a quality financial plan

At Financial Accord, we have quality procedures in place to ensure we fully understand your current financial situation, goals and aspirations.

Our procedure differs from others in that we carefully analyse your complete financial position, which includes understanding your goals and needs, while highlighting your financial planning issues. We regularly review your situation to keep you informed and to build the client-advisor relationship we consider so important.

The basis of a quality financial plan centres on addressing the following key issues:
• Budgeting / cashflow (understanding your income and expenses)
• Managing your debts (implementing strategies to reduce debts)
• Goals / lifestyle (setting realistic goals that can be achieved - we call it “dream, believe, and succeed!”)
• Strategies (as goals change, we ensure your strategies are appropriate)
• Protection (ensuring the most valuable asset is protected – YOU!)
• Estate Planning (the transfer of assets to the most appropriate people in a tax effective manner)

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